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“Our story will always be inspired by imagination of its designer. Whatever we do,  it’s important to stay true to our own personality. Clothing is not only a trend – it is a way we express ourselves. Live your dreams and  never lose yourself.  Above all,   I will always teach my students that everything they want is possible.”

Founder, Sladjana Starcevic, Ph.D.


As a very young girl, Sladjana was creating her own clothes with desire to make something that can not be bought in the stores and that is not mass produced. She was very inspired by handmade details that give personality to every piece of clothes. This came to be a mission of her fashion brand SAROSSOW – to express your own personality and follow your own desires, hopes and dreams.






SAROSSOW is a product of long term experience of its founder in marketing industry, education and fashion. The core values are the following:

–    Work with love and passion

–    Individual imagination as a guide for creativity

–    Precise tailoring and handmade details as a signature

–    The desire for the beauty and personality of an individual to come forward

–    Respect of business partners and the community