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Designer: Slađana Starčević

Model: Milica Vukliš, Miss Serbia 2013

Photography: Ljubica Prijić


Nature is overflowing with colors which are interwoven in extraordinary ways. Sunset blends various shades of reds, purples, blues, and oranges, that, in their intensity, can hardly be compared to anything else. The midnight sky is decorated with sparkling stars, that only accentuate the turquoise tones, and create amazing blends.


The new collection of dresses is inspired by the color palettes created by nature and it emphasizes nature’s ability to create memorable images. This collection mixes “red and gray” that evoke autumn leaves and rainy sky; “purple, red, yellow, blue, green and white”, that make one think of a field of flowers; “navy blue with pearls” , which shine as bright as a clear starry sky; “pure black” – as a quiet night without moonlight; “yellow to pink or orange to purple spectrum”, as the scenes created by sun; and “beige and black”, as branches with white flowers after the rain.


Dresses follow the elegant lines of female body. The ever present inevitable SAROSSOW handmade details that are unique signature of our collections. For this collection, we used the finest fabrics, originating from the the United Arab Emirates (Dubai). The colors and textures of fabrics give a special glamour to the gowns. Color combinations of the nature are endless, and everyone can choose their favorite painting of powerful elegance of nature