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Disover our new F/W 2016-17 collection



Designer: Slađana Starčević

Model: Andrea Vujović

Photography: Saša Mihajlović 

Makeup: Joca Šarić


The collection is designed for women who always want to look elegant and sophisticated, no matter what the occasion is. They are the creators of their own life story, they do not follow mass trends, and their clothes further express their natural character and beauty. All pieces in the collection follow the curves of a female body, just to highlight the beauty of women. They can be worn at different occasions (business, party, dinner…) and transformed by different accessories.


The basic colors of the collection are black, various shades of burgundy and navy, while the orange represents an accompanying color that adds passion and highlights the collection. Only natural fabrics (wool, cotton and silk) are used in the collection. Handmade Sarossow details give uniqueness to the collection. Some pieces in the collection are decorated with Czech crystals.


Due to the collection being made with natural materials, and its basic colors, most of the pieces are wearable in different seasons. All pieces can be made in different color, but the cut and style remain consistent. There is no seasonal obsolescence with Sarossow – collections have their own timeless story and do not depend on mass fashion trends. Timeless and versatile clothes are the essential quality of Sarossow.