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Designer: Slađana Starčević

Model: Petra Kuzmanović

Photography: Ljubica Prijić


„Let them talk“ collection is a story about a woman who intrigues people with her personality and leaves a trace wherever she appears. Some people think she is not well adjusted,  but in fact, she just does not conform to imposed social values. She has her own beliefs and does not give them up. She does what she likes and not what is prescribed. She has her own style and does not follow mass fashion trends. She is therefore different and intreagung to other people. People talk about her. Very often talks turn into gossip, but this does not affect her.


Like all SAROSSOW collections, this collection highlights the beauty and elegance of a woman. This season’s colors are generally warm. Some pieces in the collection are gentle and fluttering;  some of them are sharp and strong, yet still feminine. This diversity reflects the struggle between different roles a contemporary woman takes in everyday life. For this collection we used different materials: cotton, silk, viscose, muslin, satin… Each piece in the collection is hand embroidered, which is the signature of SAROSSOW.


Indeed, people will talk!